Welcome to IBAIS University! In the present world of sheer competition, IBAIS University is prepared to deliver you the quality education to meet the challenges of twenty first century. The University is located at the heart of Dhaka city and has an easy access to everyone. Together with its excellent campus environment, IBAIS University offers you a world of learning, mostly designed to meet the everyday need of students. We do care for the future of our young generation. Hence, we have developed our programs in such a way that suit you the most.

I know it is difficult to make a decision regarding higher studies. To make the right decision at the right time does matter a lot in respect to the fulfillment of your desired goal. IBAIS University invites you to the realm of knowledge and learning a sharing an experience with a difference. Hope you are likely to miss nothing if you do not join IBAIS University except the scope for quality education.


Prof. Dr. Zakaria Lincoln

Founder & Acting Vice-Chancellor

IBAIS University