Students must register their courses before the commencement of the trimester and within the declared date of the Registrar’s Office. In case of delay, they can register courses by paying late fees of Tk.100/- per course within the next 15 (fifteen) days.

In order to register courses students will not be allowed to violate the course order.

In a trimester, students have to take at least four courses but not more than five courses at the undergraduate programs. For graduate programs, students have to take at least two courses in a trimester but not more than four courses.

Students must have the clearance of previous trimester dues from the Account’s Office before the registration.

Without registering courses, students will not be allowed to attend classes.

To re-register a course (not withdrawn course), a student has to pay 70% of the tuition fees of the respective course(s).

Students have to pay the fees of all registered courses before appearing at the Mid-term and Final Examination.

Only those students will be allowed to sit for retake Midterm and Final Examination who have paid for the registered course(s). To retake Midterm and Final Examination students have to pay Tk.500/- and Tk.1000/- respectively.

NB: Regarding Course Registration, students may consult with the respective Head of the Department.

A student, within first two weeks after his/her registration, may withdraw from a course upon the approval of the Dean of the respective Faculty/Head of the Department as per procedure of IBAIS University.


A course passed with a grade less than “B” may be repeated for improvement of the relevant grade. When a course is repeated, the transcript will show the amended grades. A student failing to succeed in a course will be allowed to repeat the course twice at the most. However, a student has to register his/her name by paying 70% of the total fees of the respective course if he/she wants to repeat any course.